About us

About us

About Us

Jerusalem Italian Jewish Association is a non – profit organization which promotes via our site: www.jija.org the Jewish history with the purpose of education and attracting as many people as possible to visit our museum: The Umberto Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art. We have been struggling for centuries to assemble and to bring to Jerusalem the most important pieces of our history into a great place.


We wish to express our gratitude to the Jerusalem Italian Jewish community who has been involved for so many years in our attempts to purchase as many historical objects as possible.

Since its inception, in 1887 until present, The Umberto Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art has served as the focal point for the dissemination of education and culture in the very heart of Jerusalem.

In 1983, The Umberto Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art was officially recognized as a museum by the State of Israel; the managers of our museum managed to organize many presentations and cultural events to promote the image of Jerusalem and the entire people from Israel. The main contributors who sponsored every single activity who took part at the The Umberto Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art were:

  • The Ministry of Education;
  • The Ministry of Culture and Sport;
  • The Jerusalem Foundation;
  • The Jerusalem Municipality;

Founded in 1946, our non – profit association, The Jerusalem Italy Jewish Association, managed to attract a lot of people to The Umberto Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art, especially from the countries which have a lot of Jewish communities like Italy, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany because of the wide collection of manuscripts, artifacts, religious articles and documents about Torah arks.

The Jerusalem Jewish Association’s contribution for other museums

As an association, we have got a great contribution for many museums from Europe from different countries:

  • Italy :Jewish Museum of Pitigliano, Jewish Museum of Bologna, Diocesan Museum of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie, Jewish Museum of Soragna, Jewish Museum of Roma.
  • France: Museum of Art and History of Judaism from Paris.
  • Poland: Museum of the History of Polish Jews from Warsaw, Galicia Jewish Museum.
  • Germany: The Jewish Museum from Berlin, Jewish Museum from Frankfurt.
  • Czech Republic: The Jewish Museum from Prague.

Other places to visit in Jerusalem

We also made a list of touristic objectives to visit if you come into a place with such a numerous cultural values like Jerusalem apart of The Umberto Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art:

  • The Old City of Jerusalem: which, according to most visitors is “one of the most special places to visit in the world”?
  • The Yad Vashem (The World Holocaust Remembrance Center): a place full of history which is depressing, frightening and beautiful at the same time.
  • The Israel Museum.
  • The Western Wall Tunnels.
  • Church of All Nations (Basilica of the Agony).
  • Mount Herzl National Cemetery.
  • The Jerusalem Walls (The City of David National Park).
  • Golden Gate (Bab el Rahmeh, Sha’ar Harahamim).